24 September, 2014


Yo Guys! There's nothing more sweet than having a time out with your Partners during lunch break/hours of a Day's job.. This is one of d sweetest moments of a day, ever, for partners who're truly in love.. If you cant be there with them in person,as you would have your own activities,, then you sure can be there with them on Phone (Either Call Or Chats)..

Atleast! D mind has to ease of a bit by a loving heart with kind words.. This will also give a strength &a Miss feeling till ya'll close up for d day &Meet up at home smiling at eachother!..Then round d sweetness up..

Do you spend such lunch time with your Partners? If you don't, why dont you try it?, it would be fun &Eased..

Love should not just be all about "I Love You!", but should be about "Fun!" too..

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