24 September, 2014


{Most women accidentally push Love away}..... I know it can be so devastating and confusing when we worked so hard at love and relationships, and still a man says You aren't "the one". No matter how perfect you act, or easy going you are, or gorgeous you look, or how many positives you have on a man's checklist of what makes a perfect woman.

None of those things matter when it comes to love. Real talk, allow me to address some things to you please. Honestly this isn't high school so a man doesn't fall in love with a checklist of traits or a perfect body. He doesn't fall in love because you all ladies do all the "right things" in the "right ways". And a man doesn't fall in love because you pretend to like what he likes, or because you are always agreeable and go with the flow. In truth ladies, when you pretend to be someone you are not and to feel something you don't feel, you are doing the very things that will push a man away. Believe it or not but ladies sometimes are blocking access to your hearts, and therefore a man can't connect in a way that makes him fall deeply, madly, head over heels in love.............Be Yourself, Fully and Fearlessly and a man won't be able to resist you........

This is not one of the times in life where you fake it to make it.

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