24 September, 2014


*Men! Dont be jealous of d wife you love.. For you'd only be teaching her how to do you harm..

*Do not surrender your dignity to a woman..

*Keep away from other men's wife or she'd trap you to harms way..

*Dont keep company with female artistes, they'd trick you.. "Shey una see wetin/how most men Fall& get tricked by most female artistes abi? Ehen!

*Dont look too intently at a Virgin,or you may find yourself being forced to pay a bride price.. i.e Trying to have sex with every young girl you see!

* Dont give yourself out to prostitutes, or you may lose everything you have.. I know most guys no dey do without going to hotels every night for a Release of ‪#‎ Ehem‬! ‪#‎ Clears_throat‬. Spending 1thousand+..Damn WASTE!!!

* When you see a good looking Lady &You're interested in her for a Potential relationship, first look at her left hand. If d fourth finger is Ringed, look /stay away from her..For you should never let your mind dwell on d beauty of any woman who isnt yours..

*Many men have been led astray by a woman's beauty. Never let it decieve you. Look deep into what she conveys within.

*Never get too close to another man's wife. Intimacy with her already will lead to you temptation that will cause you grave outcome..

Note: Be careful of Women.. Women are d Sweetest of All pleasures, Yes! Cuz they're LUST, lust is Pleasure, But True LOVE/Ownership is Honey.. They're also Trouble when they aint rightfully yours.. Until you have your own woman, you'd never live to dangers/ Temptations..

And as forvAll these guys wey na every girl dem wan taste, desist from such lust or you'd find yourself cursing& hating Women for whatever outcome you may get out from it... Gbam¡

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