06 May, 2013


As a guy who truly and sincerely loves his girl, you have to be up to the task, what do you think is the reason why a girl be considering a guy in a relationship will first check his masculinity, that is how strong and masculine the guy is and how well he can protect him against harm from anywhere and everywhere, so if your hands are as small as her's then you might just be replaced willingly by her someday.


They girls are so clever and God has giving them a lot of guys in the universe to pick from, so don't think she can't do without you, she can but the reason she loves you in her mind is because you are the guy who defends her, shield her from harm, she runs to you first when she has any problem, she seeks your opinion on her dress, color and so many other issues before undertaken them, these all point to the fact that she's dependent on you and you are like her shield in times of storm.

When you are no longer doing your job you get sacked and kicked out, always be there for her treat her nice be the pillar in that relationship of yours never you all allow put the blame on her accept every fault even if you didn't cause them, and always learn the habit of saying these key words in a relationship like "thank you" "I love you" and "I am sorry" they will help your ministry a lot if you abide by them, when she's been talked about by your friends don't allow them to criticize her.

Its just like insulting you because you love her she has automatically become part of you, so just as you wouldn't allow anybody to hurt you don't allow anybody to hurt her too, if you are the skinny type do a lot of exercises go and build up your muscles from the gym and even apart from defending her in the outside world, you also need that muscle in bed, you have to be satisfying that is if your relationship has gotten to that extent.


Then you have to be an animal in bed, girls like it rough and tough in bed now don't be a lazy guy, go get your girl and lead a happy relationship, so also these applies to the ladies out there I know your muscles is not as big as that of your boy friend that is if you even have muscle at all but that doesn't stop you in your own little way from defending your man in any relationship.


Its said that behind every successful man is a woman, check out the great men we have today if you are opportune to interview them they will tell you the part their wives play at specific point in their life on their way to the top, it will cost you little or nothing to solidly be behind the guy you love.

The place of defense in every relationship matters and when you find that lacking then somebody has broken the golden rule in the relationship, if you don't know your work as a lady or a guy read more of our article, we trying to make sure you have the best relationship out there and once you find your way, help others too.

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