02 May, 2013


There are so many relationship out there that the partners are just too stingy with so many things like their time, money, care and maybe the privilege they have, the position they occupy and so many other things in our relation with the society and communities around us, that shouldn't be the case, love still remains the pillar that holds life form with inanimate objects together.

I've heard of people dying of love, people killing others all in the name of love, and even those sects who fight in the name of love for either to protect their God or their nations, you also must have seen the way people handle love in your local community, love don't cost a thing but its worth more than a thing, we need to love.

Am using these as a medium of contact to those that are still single its high time you mingle in a healthy relationship, the question is what can you do for love, if sincerely you love her like you claim to do in the name of love you should give her your attention.

Not that you don't know how to watch football matches but since she's not going to be around at every instance you should sacrifice for her, spend quality time together, never leave her alone in the sun if you can't take her to a shade then you'll have to stay with her in the sun, those are things we do for love, am telling you if you love that girl so much and you are ready to make the relationship work it will surely work.

Maybe you are the type that has a lot of female friends before your relationship kicked start, as a guy things we do for love you'll either totally kick them out of your life if possible or reduce the level of intimacy with those other girls because you are engaged with somebody else.

Girls can be really jealous so if she finds out that you spend your leisure time with some girls somewhere you didn't tell her you might just end up hurting her and ruining your relationship life.

Things we do for love, we make sure the other party in the relationship is very comfortable and happy, sacrifice your time to be with her, she wants to feel loved, touched and noticed at all time so what's the big deal give her what she wants so she could stay.

Guys are just like the politician, the politician before they win, they will make so many promise when campaigning but once they are been elected they no longer keep their words so guys when you were wooing her you told are so many things, that you'll take her to the moon, and others like that but now you find it so difficult to keep your word, that's bad you should be able to do that for her.

If your boy friend has a bad habit instead of ridiculing him in public because of the love you have for him when you guys are privately alone, that's the best time you call him tell him with love were you feel he has not be performing well and you'll get the very best out of your relationship.

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