16 April, 2013


I do tell people, mind how you relate with your fellow brother and as a matter of importance the female folks, you'll agree with me then that there is a stylish manner in which you talk to the guys as a girl and as a guy you know how you talk to the ladies, how you attend to them, how you answer their calls and if you don't know all these I'll tell u later.

All these point to the fact that there is always a connection between a guy and a lady,that thrill that sends cold down to your nerve making your heartbeat faster than usual, that flow that urge, that passion, that chill sensation you feel in your bones and marrow when she is around and the way your heart beat faster as a lady don't panic these are all normal signs that you are human.

Every guy feels something inside that naturally will just feel every lady is attractive and at that very instance if given the opportunity will want to mingle, as a guy if you don't feel like you want a woman or their company then you need to see the doctor because that is how we are created, the girls naturally should be attracted to the boys and vice versa.

Relationship begins to sprout from the friendship zone, then likeness will begin to set in and after series of meeting and when the relation becomes more friendly the little friendship of yesterday develops into two parts: it grows into what they both see as love that's a way and secondly the relationship could also be stuck in what I call the "friendship lagoon", I'll be explaining that much better subsequently here as we proceed further.

So when in a relationship with the opposite sex its required that before feelings and serious emotions gets on the way a definition of "why" should come in, that is the guy and the girl should seat down and have some real discussion because in every relationship a good communication determines to what extent a relationship can thrive because the girls like to talk and if she can't talk to you then we have a problem.

After relating with you for some couple of days there should be these free access whereby as a guy your girlfriend should not be afraid of looking at your eyes or telling you stuffs she has on her mind, if these happens that the air she breathes around you is not free that will make her uncomfortable and the results will be to your disadvantage, know your girl, that's why it is called a relationship.

You guys will have to relate and a good relation n effective communication leads to a happy ending, there are so many things you need to know about the women creature and as a lady who desires a good guy that will have the intention of taking her to the altar you don't have any choice than to really study your man, after his mother and himself, you should be the next person that knows him more than anyone.

That's what I tell my audience before going out or acting nice to that lady you should do some digging its not wrong when you find out stuffs about him or her, its just normal for you to become inquisitive and mainly the girls carry out more research on those that are interested in them, they want to know about your past relationship if you have any, what kind of person you are and how much you worth in dollars and pound sterling.

Its funny but that's just the truth so if you are a guy aspiring to have that girl or interested in her you have to brush your self up, I'll elaborate about that later, for you to have a good relationship even with people of same sex your appearance matters a lot if you look like a madman and you approach me I'll run if I have the opportunity because nobody wants to be bitten by a madman talk more of looking that way and you expect girls to flock around you.

My brother it doesn't work that way and for the ladies I know you girls dress half naked now, I see them all around and when you ask them why they tell you its fashion, whose fashion? hmmm my dear you don't need that you are attractive because you are a girl God made that possible from creation so exposing the sensitive parts of your body that should have been seen only by your future husband if you intend to marry at the end to the whole world free of charge is uncalled for.

The best that style can offer you is a night stand, because when u dress half naked and a guy approaches you its not because you look beautiful but because of your breast that is not inside the bra were it was intended to be and your tight fitting dress that exposes the shape of your bum-bum so what he does is that he has seen some ripe mango he'll like to have a bite from, you know guys we are easy carried away by our sight, and dressing in such way shows you the type of man you'll eventually hook up with.

You can't be telling me you want a faithful man who doesn't drink or smoke from the bar were you frequent and when the relationship doesn't end like planned you'll just come up with the most favorable lines girls love so much "all guys are the same" my sister all guys are not the same if you want a good guy then as a lady be prepared to be very good to place it in a state of equilibrium that's how it works dress properly and serious guys who will be ready to settle down with you will come.

You worth more than that now, there is a way you should place your self put your self in a high position and when you walk-by carry your shoulders up a times its necessary its not pride but self esteem you shouldn't belittle yourself, who told you that you are ugly what I believe and have been seen is that no matter how bad you think you look if you have a good heart your half will find you.

Nowadays we have too many bad beautiful girls so to speak because of their skin color they have all the attention have slept with so many men and still selling out their bodies its not true I know that is what you'll say but that is what the guys believe, they prefer the ones that are not that beautiful who some might even call the ugly ones, gone are those days when guys fall for your face what they fall for and get attracted to is your heart the manner in which you attend to them even if the guys are not ready what they still look for is a wife material.

No doubt every one has his taste and what he is looking for but basically its still important in order for you have a good, strong relationship that can lead you somewhere that you go brush up your self and once you've attained the standards you set for the ideal boy or girl or your mr. right you desire before going out there to look for one, that's how a good and outstanding relationship works.

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