02 May, 2013


Hmm, everyone love these "romance" let's define romance in my own word romance can be defined as that magical moment when the both partners feels that urge or desire to be touched, caressed, tickled and in some cases licked, the desire to feel every curve of your partner to be held tight in arms and to lie with each other under dim lights with rose flowers littered in every corner of the house and just you and her in your underwear with soft, slow,solemn, music to match.

But relationships today lack the above features I just mentioned nothing like that happen and you are scared of loosing him/her, below are some of the things you could do that might bring that passion back into your relationship.

1. Food: the way to a man's heart is his stomach, and that applies in a little way to the ladies too, prepare a delicious meal for your partner often times especially its more romantic to do it early in the morning, maybe before he or she gets up from the bed.

2. Touch: touch is one of the five senses human being possess, and so also in every successful and growing relationship that cannot be sidelined at least try to hold her hand, do more of holding her long in your arms let your body make contact and so will your heart, when you walk put your arms around her waist or shoulder or the simplest if you are the extremely shy guys you should be able to hold hands.

3. Suspense: ask her out on a date, I know that you are not just courting her but that doesn't matter what matters is the impression you'll create in her that she has somewhere to go at the end of the day, before you know it that's what she'll be thinking and she can't do that without thinking of you thereby making the evening a blessed romance night for the both of you.

4. Attention: lovers fall victim of these a lot they just take it for granted like is a light thing, look here girl, you have the whole time in the world to yourself when he is not around so therefore it must not be when he's around that you invite all your friends together and engage in discussion he can't even add to he might not complain about that immediately but for sure he is not happy.

Privacy also is very important its good to just be with your partner alone in the room, that can even stare up the romance, he/she will feel you value them more than what you were doing also when its just you and your lover and are seating a bit closer that atmospheric condition welcomes romance passionately and mentally.

5. Compliments: when you go like "seriously you look so beautiful these afternoon" even if she replies that you are flattering her the truth still remains that she was moved by those lines and that can set the table for a romantic night with your date, when complimenting her touch her hair play with it are ears, neck, kiss are on the cheek that would build the anticipation already especially for guys who have sugar coated mouths.

As a lady its not a crime if you compliment your guy tell him how handsome he looks, that will give him the fore-hand impression that you are watching and observing him and he by the words you've said already you have eased some tension off his shoulders then having a romantic night with you wouldn't be such a big deal.

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