21 September, 2014


The way and manner in which you carry yourself matter.. . Some guys can't stand straight when in public coz of low esteem, they see themselves as undeserving and incapable of loving or being loved while the some ladies use their hair to cover a section of their face when they walk in public,,,Lolz how true is this assertion? We'll have to find out... .

How can you be loved/cared for when you do no such thing for ya self,,,,first you'll have to believe in ya self before people joins the queue with you, wash ya self up, look fresh, brush ya hair to da south and east like you no send no body.. . Call it what you like but its far from pride I term it "Acceptance/appreciation".. .

You show da way by loving ya personality with ya scattered set of teeth.. .lolz then admirers start seeing da beauty in it when you smile da way you expose those scattered face me I face you open teeth "Ajara_window" as we do call it back then in primary school!

You are distinct, that's why you are you, with all those features you think is a disadvantage might turn out to be what ya dream partner seeks,,,,its a known fact that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" and one man's meat is another woman's poison.. .lolz

Even if you aint taller than a baby's flask.. . Is that why you beat ya self up thinking who go marry me now?! *Hmmm. ..stop putting ya self through unnecessary trauma coz its not worth it,,,,there are so many disable people out there enjoying their marriages and love life and you wonder how they got a partner.. .I'll tell ya,,,is that simple.. .their self esteem rose beyond every limitation they had and gave them what they aimed at.. .

What are we even saying,,,you are not disabled.. .its not like ya fingers are chopped off or you leap when walking or something that bad.. . In your own case you just don't like where ya nose is facing,,,lolz because of that you look down on ya self and settle for anything in form of a lady or a guy.. .

Wake up dear.. .you deserve da very best in life and relationship shouldn't be endured it should be enjoyed,,,it should be a testimony and not something you tolerate,,,,don't stick around like he's ya last option on earth.. .there are so many guys out there desiring of a lady of ya caliber,,,,refuse to be a punching bag.. .abstain from SEXual harassment,,,,no body can make you feel inferior without ya consent.

You are a queen to be served,,you are a woman for crying out loud?! Don't you know what you possess?! You are royal and God's perfection in humanity,,,,you are beautiful and wonderfully created.. .that's why thousands of years to come "there will NEVER be another you.. .

So when next you walk in public,,,,walk like a queen deserving of her own throne and not cat walk like you scared of cat hunters,,, if the hunters come ya way an try to make ya feel like you da worst creature.. .you simply wag ya tale.. .walk away while you leave them with ya behind to keep starring at till somebody go use leg pill rock.. .lolz

*You are Special with no Spare and So Sophisticated.. .Gbam!

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