21 September, 2014


You are a student as a guy and your chic is always around you and maybe even on ya lap as we speak,,,lolz you get so carried away that whenever she comes around you can hardly remember the name ya mama gave to you... Hmm

Maybe she comes to ya lodge or hostel at that point you might even be reading ya books and the moment you hear her sweet voice even before she knocks you abandon ya books and boom you are outside,,,,strolling through every street holding hands as if any moment from now somebody might be stolen... The little change in ya pocket you use it in buying suya for her when she eats you hold her bag an her phone for her as if you are allergic to meat especially those prepared by mallam...lolz

Before you know it .. .its 10minutes pass 10 for her to even pay a little for da services rendered by you will become a no go area,,,she leaves you close to item7 eatery for you to trek back to your hostel while she jumps the bike you paid for and still ask you to call her when she gets home.. .hey! Na only you dem do love for?!

Tired and hungry you carefully soak your 1 and the half cup of garri and you can no longer read coz you are exhausted,,, you keep this kind of attitude up for some week and it ruins your entire educational career.. .she dun use your head wipe ass so that you can't see/think pass her waist level and the most annoying thing is that you think you are in love,,,,Lolz Ladies and gentlemen Such kind of love is not worth such useless and selfish sacrifice,,,at a point in time you need to be counting the cost,,,, and once you discover its a parasitic relationship you heed for the door.. .or you call your partner to order,,, you can't read your book.. .you can't feed well any longer,,,,and see o when you started the relationship you had much flesh and looked chubby but this one that you look like someone T.B Joshua just healed of HIV AIDS me I no understand again o...lolz

When you fail and you are dropped out of the school she'll dump you,,,,you have my words trust me... Girls are like good business men they stay with the best service provider in order not to go out of business... Don't be a fool of the 21st century quit being a dummy,,,, create space for yourself and love yourself first,,,,take yourself out for shopping .. . If you don't even know why you should look good then do it for your mother,,,,read your books/or pay attention to your work/business don't be run down by this set of parasitic ladies,,,lolz if I should ask you... You'll tell me you have money but this ladies pockets and bags are so big this days that no matter what you give to them it'll never be enough and the day you stop giving is the day you stop being a darling and caring.

Note: A lady who loves his guy from da heart will not push him beyond the limit of his pocket coz everyone in love has feelings and very considerate and if she demands for your left eye without thinking what you'll use to see tomorrow ,,,,is far from loving you,,,she is killing you softly with her love! *Be warned!

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