30 April, 2013


You don't need a talisman or a prophet to tell you that she wants to have a relationship with you when you begin to see these following signs: She now call you back whenever you call her, longing to talk to you just to be around you, walk with you and remember these when you say something that's funny or when you guys walk as you are talking she'll hit you passionately like she's playing and having a good time with you.

There is these other sign you need to watch if she likes you or have a feeling building up in her for you guys to be a lot more closer unconsciously you'll just notice she is playing with her hair but don't quote me wrong its not an easy task anyway the girls are complicated creatures that even take some people their whole married life to study they are like schools you attend but never graduate from.

In some cases a girl will have a good conversation with a guy one thing will lead to another thing till the boy begins to have real feelings for her and since the guy is not saying anything as to that effect the girl on her part considers the guy to be a very good friend that's all in some other cases the girl might just want to keep him as her male friend basically but to stop these kind of situation from occurring first you'll have to do your research and make sure she is not in any relationship at the moment.

If she comes only with the desire to flirt with you and she's in another serious relationship somewhere else then you have to run from such a girl before somebody gets hurt, those that wouldn't be faithful to you will not be faithful you I have to learn to accept the possibility of that happening, when you are in a relationship like these and you not so sure about how faithful she is to you or the way she behaves and do things around other guys at your back then you have to be very careful especially when she just ended a relationship.

The memories of that is still fresh on her as a mature boy its unethical for you to start pushing relationship and being engaged with you stuffs to her allow her heal, stand by her and take things slow okay? Also it'll do you a lot of good if you know the reason behind the break up of her previous relationship so you know where to put your legs and walk without matching sharp objects that can mare your relationship.

People do get tired of trying to please their partner or tired of the whole thing and just leave that relationship and zoom they are off to another and the only trophy the keep is just the feeling of being in love, so therefore base on these when the feeling of being in love goes away what are they waiting for then they have to take their leave and I know you will not like that to happen in your own relationship to see your lover leave just like that because she doesn't feel anything like when you first started again so she's out to look for another fresh experience of being in love again.

To stop these from happening the best choice is a very long friendship, were you get to really understand your lover like the road from your hand to your mouth that is if you interested in making the relationship a lasting and time enduring one true friendship as a foundation of building a happy relationship and later in future a happy married life.

There's no need to rush into it just take a step at a time its like learning how to fly, its a gradual process and you can use the time when you are involve in that friendship to weigh the balance if you are really ready to go into the relationship and how far are you willing to go.

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