30 April, 2013


As a gentleman having scored a very high mark in the school of handsomeness and with a good sense of humor perhaps even rich but with everything you have you don't know how to go about your way when it comes to women, here is how it works, first impression really matters and if you are or not going to approach a lady normally its good to always look good so that even if the girls are hardly moved by what they see its still important because that will qualify you to even have the privilege of being associated with.

Don't wear shabby clothes and don't sag your trousers, dress to the extent that the responsible man in you will show to those that sees you, then you are ready to start talking to a girl, let's move after that is taking proper care of, you still need to brush your self up we just talked about dressing but what is the importance of a good clothe in a dirty and shabby looking guy its of no use, so get your finger nails cleaned up.

Bathe regularly, scrub the those that need scrubbing and do justice to your looks, make sure you also brush your teeth at least twice a day if you have enough time brushing of your teeth shouldn't be every morning routine, it should be carried out in the morning at mid day and in the night yeah that's it so that your breathe will be so fresh and after all these let's assume you are well dressed and have done all the things we talked before now ready to go out and be lucky.

Wear a smile when you walk don't frown your face, you might say its just a smile but it plays a very big roll in getting you what you want, it makes you friendly to those you meet it shows that you are a jovial and lively person everyone will want to associate with somebody that's always happy, now where are we heading to, north, south, east or west, well it all depends on you, you can find a decent girl any and every where it all depend on your choice.

Maybe as you walking passed by let's say a school environment and you've been having these attraction towards a girl that normally pass through your lecture theatre or class room that you liked but you too scared to talk to her girls don't like timid or shy guys you have to be courageous and very sharp just walk up to her take an excuse for time just for 5 minutes don't spend more than that if you just meeting her for the very first time.

Ask her of her name if you don't know already try and set up a communication by asking her more question like where is coming from, or heading to, then tell her how much you find her very interesting, that you like her personality and would really like to be a friend, stop there! Then before she leaves ask her how possible it will be to see her again, she'll probably say she don't really know, then you ask of her hostel, lodge or her residential address and exchange phone numbers, then let her go.

Once you've gotten to these point you are almost there call her often times and watch the way she respond to your calls also text her and watch her reactions remember the content of your call or text messages should be strictly based on friendship and nothing more than that for now because relationship based on a little long friendship are the best, one of those days when you call her ask if she's free in order to enable you book a date with her.

Take her out to some where really nice and over a bottle of drink and foods when you guys are both excited and she's very happy tell her how much of her you come to like and now you feel more than just like for her that you want a relationship with her and I bet you the worst you could get is "I'll think about it" don't be scared she just don't want to look cheap so she has to keep playing are hard to get thing for sometime but just relax she'll come with a big yes in no time and bingo you have a girlfriend now.

You both start building a relationship that will last long from there, check our other articles on how to be happy and stay healthy in your relationship and you'll be glad you did.

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