30 April, 2013


Relationships today should be built on trust, its a number one factor that when lacking in any relationship even apart from a boyfriend girlfriend relationship tends to bring down the union, it all begins from little lies and you guys just laugh over it but its not good before you know what's up you find yourself lying about were you are at the moment and your activity through out a particular day so when you start cheating on him you don't see anything wrong in lying to him.

Well over to the topic of our discussion, guys these a secret and am guessing few of us know about these, if a girl is cheating the number one thing you look out for as an exhibit to nab her is that she'll start lying to you and she'll make it so a habit that even over small things she'll still lie, and another thing you look out for is that, she begins to keep secret from you, maybe she's the type that's so open to you before but now the story line will start changing she'll keep to herself more and more, she no longer have your time.

When she comes around she wouldn't spend much time that's even if you are lucky, otherwise when ever you request for her presence like you missing her and stuffs like that she'll always tell you that she is busy, and maybe I don't know about the strength of your pocket financially but if you are the type that have been providing for her day to day needs all these while and the usual time you do give her money or help her out with one or two things and you no longer do it and you find out that she is not complaining, that means somebody else is more important to her now than you are implying that she's cheating.

Except if you call her and send her text messages she don't normally call you or text you watch your rival is getting it from her, maybe yours have even gotten to the point were you want to see her she makes herself available at anytime she feels like, its not really possible in the reality to love two people the same way so also in a relationship if she begins to cheat on you the attention and care you normally had in a 100 percent begins to depreciate.

There is no longer communication, if you have misunderstanding, before she'll come and beg you even if she's at fault and you discover just of recent that she no longer care weather you are staying in her life or not now that's cheating, understanding becomes a very difficult thing when she starts behaving like these know that she's cheating right under your nose, some girls are very good with these they know how to pretend that you'll hardly know if she's cheating or not.

Another factor is that if she's the type that gives you free access to her phone you'll no longer that that though its not really good for you to be so concern about her private life but if you don't trust her and she has nothing to hide then she shouldn't withdraw her phones and diaries from you no need for any restrictions for whatsoever reason but girls even the ones that are not cheating always like to keep their toasters and admirers at arms reach, just in case you disappoint them on the long run.

But things change and when they feel attracted towards their other toasters and you failed to play your part as the guy she'll cheat on you and God help you to detect that on time and if you the reason why she's looking else were then you have to change if you still value your relationship.

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