30 April, 2013


There is a saying that says 'run for your life' but in these context its run for your heart, because if you don't your heart will not just break but will explode, firstly let's see what I mean by friendship lagoon, let's define the two terms, you know what friendship means, like my associate, someone you have good relationship with, can actually hang out with, and usually walk together.

The act of doing all these I highlighted above is what we know as friendship, its a phenomenon that describe a mutual agreement between two or more animate things, often used mainly for the description between human being, these agreement is what grows into love between a girl and a boy, and on the other hand lagoon is a big mass of water where other smaller rivers flow into.

Linking all the above descriptions that have been made mention of into relationship now, escaping the friendship lagoon means running away from forever being her friend when most of the time guys want something high and once you fall into these friendship lagoon it'll be hard but not impossible for you to get out, here is our it do happens, you are in a kind of talking terms in a girl you like and she finds you interesting too but even though you guys hang out, you never for once open up to her about how you really feel about her.

She might have even been showing you some signs that she loves you and she's interested in a relationship with you but due to our culture and way of life we feel its not proper for a girl to first be the one that will tell a guy she is in love with him, so due to these facts, all she does is just to seat back and hope you'll be telling her in no time that you love her, if she then waits for a very long time and you are not saying anything of such, gradually she begins to loose interest in you.

Not that she doesn't like you any longer but the possibility of you ever kissing her begins to fade off, and maybe that's the time you want to tell her your mind, that you love her, then it would have been too late because already she sees you as a very good friend or even best friend and that's how she now wants it to be, you end up being as good as any of the male friends she has, that's when you are in the friendship lagoon.

You are stocked for life, so when you are with a girl being your friend yet and you feel more than just the friendship, you have to be bold and gather enough courage, walk up to her and tell her you love her, the most embarrassing and disgraceful answer you can get is 'no', she wouldn't jail you and it wouldn't have caused any problem at all.

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