18 September, 2014


You cant make yourself happy or have a happy love life, bringing hurts & misery to other People.. For only Hurt people, hurt People.. You cant build your life on hurts from d past & expect a Peaceful castle (Relationship) to be built with someone out of NoWhere! ..

Heal first & then Yield unto d Present.. Do away with your past for a better Future.. D Past has nothing better to offer you than to hurt /make you Bitter towards Real Willing people..

If you claim to be Single &Not searching while deep down you, you wish for an Angel to fall from d Sky with a True Perfect Person for you,, Trust me! D way wey u take hug dat ur past hurt/Fear ehn! Na only wen u ready to face &Meetreality, good Opportunity will come to you..

So! Let it (Polluted Air) out &Let it (Fresh Air) in.. Time no dey!..

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