24 May, 2013

Time for blind love to develop sight and see clearly in a relationship

You must have heard it from people that love is blind, but do you really believe that? Well I do because I've seen and witness several occasions when a guy in love was totally dead to the advice and warning of other experienced people.

Story of betrayed love

Let me share some with you briefly, there was this guy he so much love his girl friend, took care of her and was always around her, the girl also reciprocated by also showing the guy that she loves him.

Time passed and things began to change the girl later became unsatisfied with everything the guy had to offer, she'll take from the guy and act as if she's contended but just as the guy turns his back and he's not watching the girl goes to meet another guy.

These act of cheating continued for several days and days developed into months till the guy rumorsly heard about her games, but this is where the blindness love can cause comes into play, the guy though aware of the whole incident decided not to act and still loves the girl immensely.

The news that she was cheating on him didn't change anything, like a dump ass he stood his ground having known he was been played, as time passed and events and happenings begin to unfold the girl could no longer hide the fact that she was in love with someone else.

final betrayal and lessons learned

Eventually to cut the story short the guy was dumped, he didn't have any other date, never cheated on her and gave her all she desired, now tell me if you ask the guy what his opinion would be falling in love again he'll tell you its time for blind love to begin to see.

From the experience he had in his previous relationship I don't think he'll ever take any girl serious again and even if he does he'll have another date outside, then you that didn't know all he passed through before now will just jump into the conclusion that all guys are thesame, well you girls turn the guys out this way.

conclusion of the whole matter

Here is my judgment for those of you guys and girls out there that are still thinking love is blind, news just got to my desk now that love sees clearly now, so when you fall in love watch it!

Don't be a dump ass and never you toil on her emotions the fact that she does all that for you doesn't mean she is stupid its just because she loves you and you should count your self lucky for that rare opportunity.

A lot of guys and girls out there are struggling to get a hold of a relationship and you are here toiling with the one you have, if you can't take proper care of her and you don't maintain her somebody else might do the job pretty well and your position will be taking.

My advice for you

So for love to reign and for your relationship to last have a cordial respect for your relationship its never for playful lovers but serious minded beings and if you are not yet matured enough don't go on to start a relationship you wouldn't finish well.

Am assuring you that you'll get the best out of your relationship, I hope these article was helpful if yes then we urge you to also read more of our post for a better experience in your relationships.

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