13 December, 2013

Blame me

A LOT of people blame their single status on the guys or girls they've dated or been in relationships with, rather than sincerely examining the one in the mirror.

Before expecting the people that you encounter to be real with you, make sure that you're being real with yourself about any healing, forgiveness, bitterness, or selfishness that needs to be dealt with, prior to receiving someone to complement you on the journey of love.

You want perfection, have you been perfected. You want handsome, are you beautiful. You want nice, are you kind. Be honest with yourself, can you stay with "you" if you were to be in a relationship with someone like you?

Can you?

The stunt you put up in and around the relationship when your partner is around and not around. . If you where to be treated in like manner will you take that from somebody else?

Will you?

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