20 May, 2013

Experience of love at first sight

Loving somebody from the very instant is quite an interesting thing and a wonderful experience but that's not what we mean by love at first sight.

Its normal and no matter how ugly a girl or guy might look something must attract you, if he has a very bad stature you might end up falling for his thick voice and she might not be beautiful the way you would have love it.

But she has a good character and she's very intelligent that might be what you fell for.

On the other hand falling in love at fight sight means when you come across a girl across the street and you just feel the tickle within, there is a kind of attraction like that we call love at first sight.

Maybe she is new in town and at that moment as you were about to seat at the front of your door mouth, she just walk by with her friends immediately as she was passing maybe she gave a faint smile and you couldn't help it and you fell in love with her instantly without even knowing why.

Something will just arise and you'll feel curious and the urge to know more about her and if it were to be possible if only she'll agree you might even want to marry her straight away.

Everything you saw was so pleasing you like the way she walked, smiled at you and the way her hair shook as she worked by at that point your heart nearly jump out leaving you standing stunned as if you were a statue.

It was as if time stopped for a moment and all that existed was just her, that feeling is so great and pleasing it makes your blood pump faster and makes everyone long for that experience too.

Though its nice to feel that way and just be happy for no just cause but one thing you should take not of is that love at first sight came in a hurry and with a big rush and just occupied you and because of the almost unexplainable way you felt you are thinking you can go ahead to set up a relationship with that person.

Its not done so because when it wants to leave it'll leave just the way it came in a hurry, only in few cases have we seen look at first sight that stood the test of time.

When you go into a relationship feeling like that base on the incident of the first day whenever a little wind decide to blow in your relationship that will be the end of everything.

Because you didn't take to caution and examine what you felt well maybe its real or just another high blood pressure day, you should really examine that feeling it might not last more than a week at most and your eyes will be cleared as if scales covered them before.

So before you take the option of falling in love with the girl you just met and already emotions and passion are flowing through your vain for this stranger take time to weigh it proper not to commit grievous mistake you wouldn't be able to revert.

love at first sight is good it shows you are either attractive or been attracted to, the case maybe but its never a good foundation to build a relationship on.

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