21 May, 2013

How to fight right in a relationship

Fighting can be minimized to the lowest level but can hardly be stopped in a relationship, in fact if you don't fight sometimes your relationship might not stand the next of time and a real couple or real mates that really demonstrate true love are those that can fight and settle their dispute without creating a scene.

Despite the fact that their is love between two partners they still fight and if you are in the number of those that fight and don't fight fair then you are in the right place.

Fighting and arguments occur in relationship regardless of how old or young the relationship must have been and the way you handle such defines your personality and the level of maturity you possess.

Partners that have seen and heard of that do argue a lot or fight don't do such to win the battle, they only fight becuase of the way the issue hurts them inside and its just a means of expressing their bitter mind towards the issue at hand.

When you argue and you want to be on the winning side in a relationship, then you must never refer to past incidents and make reference to issues long forgotten thinking you'll use that to win your partner or make him feel guilty.

When she talks and accuse us of so many things you might feel the urge to cut her short and defend that point but you shouldn't do that if you want to fight right in your relationship give her time to make her points and just listen after she is done you can now counter her.

Never you shout on your partner when you argue its common in relationship when partners have a fight, everyone once to be heard by the other so they talk on top of their voices.

But the thing is on a normal ground where there is no fight at all you don't appreciate people shouting at you how much more when you are in an argument with your partner and you shout at them that wouldn't solve anything it'll just make matters worse.

After the whole incident try as much as possible to settle don't let the sun go down on your anger, don't carry it in your mind all night apart from the effect it will have on you it will take you a very long time before things can get back to normal because it will widen the gap between you and your partner.

That will be very bad because to even put your hand around her shoulder will be very difficult and you'll be having a cold war in your relationship.

So try as much as possible after the fight to settle immediately or few minutes after it strengthen the bond between two lovers and your relationship will be sailing to its greatest height at the speed of light.

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