19 May, 2013

How to find a soul mate without any stress.

Finding a soul mate is more than mere looking for a friend, someone who matches your soul might be hard to find for some people and very easy to find for others.

We usually say I'm looking for my mr. right or mrs. Right as the case maybe, at a point in time you must have felt as if you'll found your right soul mate and then you launched into a relationship.

Only for you to discover he was a wolf in sheep's clothing, well let's save you some more headache now by letting into how you as an individual can find your soul mate, who you truly love and your spirit agrees in uniform.

ways to locate your soul mate

Hmm first let's address the issue of how you search for your soul mate maybe in the past you've always gone out with people in your school, environment and close vicinity and it doesn't work out.

For you to find your soul mate you have to explore new grounds, go for birthday parties, hang out more with your friends and just live your life.

If you stay indoors you might never find her and he might never find you.

Meet with young people I mean youths of nowadays and they will tell you their choice of men or women, you ask a lady about the kind of man and she'll give you her long list of what the man must possess.

He must ba a high leveled worker that's if he doesn't own the company itself, very handsome, fair in complexion and must have a flashy car, and if you also ask the guys they'll have one or two things to say.

This is not right if you so keen on getting your soul mate, there are things we wished for when were very young gradually as we begin to age those things change and take shape so now been more mature our idea of what or how our soul mate should look must have reduced or be well picked.

Be ready to compromise your requirements and be ready to bend a little, not everyone is perfect so if he has like 4 out of the 7 qualification you requested in a man you can compliment the rest, you see the issue of love is both ways (male and female).

In order for it to work properly and last longer it has to be the combine effort of the two.

Another way of finding that special someone is to really get involve with the things you know how to do best, when you live in your own world and you are yourself doing the things you enjoy the most there is no way you wouldn't find somebody also interested in what you like.

From there you can develop personal interest in each other that can eventually lead to something promising.

Be a good boy or girl, don't just talk any how or eat any how, be calm, don't table your life according to that guy or girl, that method of walking or seating might work for him but might not for you.

Don't imitate others just be unique in your own aspect and your soul mate will locate you because something that's different always attract the sight so if you stay or stand different even from a distance you'll be easily located!

So in summary finding your soul mate you have to find yourself first, how? By properly taking care of your end of the deal and making yourself wanted too, take good care of yourself and do all the things we made mention of above and you'll find your soul mate.

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