17 September, 2014



Lie Lie na im mostly dey full deir mouths until kasala go come cast dem..

Guys! You see all these excuses from chics like"I went to visit a guy/ a friend &He drugged my drink!, I was drugged at a Party &taken Advantaged of"?,, Trust me! Never believe that Crap.. They always have who &what to blame their mistake on!..

You cant be Taken advantaged of by a person you dont know, unless you know d person very well &have intimately been getting on with them thru chats.. Infact, its a Mutual Act, not even Rape..

Why do most girls always lie lie lie, That they dont even know how silly they look, after being caught redhanded &still lying? U know say ur head no fit carry Alcohol, but bcuz say u see ur fellow girls for d party/ club Drinking hard spirit wine like Juice,u sef wan feel among! Then in a few minutes, u start losing balance /control of urself!.. Why must you do that?..

Stop putting yourselves in Competition with your fellow girls when they aint competiting with you?! You cant do what your fellow girls always do, cuz head &body no be d same.. It will cause you a lot regret afterwards..

Learn to hold yourselves! Its no crime going out with a Friend while you're in a relationship with someone else, but its a crime trying to match up &be who you're Not or do what you cant do, then end up giving funny excuses when d result becomes Disappointing or tagged as "A mistake"..

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